And just like that- I built my first raised garden bed!

Today (with the help of David) I built my first raised garden bed! It seemed harder than it looked when a few days ago, volunteers asked me exactly how the raised beds at the garden were built. I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know, but at the same time I’ve only been gardening for 10 months and there’s a lot to learn! So when I called David to ask for specific instructions, he answered with, “It’s easy… I’ll just show you tomorrow”. I didn’t believe him at first but now I have to admit, he was right.
We started by laying out the wood to make sure we got the right dimensions. Once we got theright measurements, he had me drill three nails into each side and voila; my first raised bed was complete! Yes, it was that easy. Then the volunteers, David, and I worked together to fork out the old, broken down beds and replaced it with the newly built raised beds. I was shocked that we didn’t even disturb the plants in the bed transfer. David also showed me how to cut and adjust the irrigation for the replacement beds that were higher. I felt like a pro by the end of the day. 

Also, just for the record, the old garden beds held up for almost six years! That was also amazing to me. So, now I know how to build my own raised garden beds and feel comfortable leading others in an even larger volunteer project. Pretty neat! 

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