About Us

We build gardens and GROW gardeners.

**** Our online plant and garden supply nursery is open for business. We are a home based nursery and garden supply business in Tampa, FLorida. Unfortunately, our nursery is not open to the public for walk-up business. The good news is, you can now buy your live plants and other garden supplies online, for your vegetable garden from the comfort of your couch. All orders must be placed online, and can either be shipped, delivered, or picked up at the nursery. All bulk compost/garden soil orders (by the cubic yard) to the Tampa Bay Area are delivery only.****

     We believe in empowering people of all ages and experience levels to grow their own food through providing support during every step of the process.

All around the Tampa area, we facilitate gardens in residences, schools, and institutions. In addition to the construction and installation, we offer ongoing education and consultation packages to ensure that your garden will be a success. We offer assistance in navigating grants, partnering with non-profits, working with large groups of volunteers, helping with a garden’s identity and using community resources to their full extent. We have experience organizing and executing classes, tours, workshops, and lectures.

Available at our online shop, we have micro and drip irrigation, seeds, live fruit and vegetable plants, herbs, flowers, soils, organic pesticides, and our own line of organic fertilizers. Our registered nursery specializes in Florida friendly edible annuals, flowers, some perennials, and herbs.

We offer consultations on soil science, organic gardening, backyard vegetable and kitchen gardens, composting systems, worms and vermi-composting, vertical systems, seed tables, seedlings, organic pesticides, organic fertilizers, seasonal planting, Florida Gardening, weeding, harvesting, and the use of tools.

While we love working with groups of people, we also love helping the individual become more self sufficient, so all around the Tampa Bay area, we offer residential garden consultations as well as organic lawn care product support.

We are ready to help YOU make your garden project a success!

(813) 803-0024
not open to the public (All sales are through the online store only)
7409 N Highland Ave
Tampa, FL 33604