Single station battery opperated irrigation timer- 400A-075

Single station battery opperated irrigation timer- 400A-075

Single station battery opperated irrigation timer- 400A-075

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400A Series Battery Operated Controller


Designed for residential and commercial applications or where AC power is unavailable, the rugged 400A series Single-Station Battery Operated Controller with sensor connection is completely assembled on a 3/4" globe valve. Outfitted with the latest and most efficient electronic management technology, the 400A series controller can operate for up to three years on two AA alkaline batteries. It is completely waterproof and able to operate in harsh environments, and offers a simple and dependable solution for any irrigation system above or below grade.


    • Powered by two AA alkaline batteries with a safe period of 60 seconds to replace without losing the program
    • Watering flexibility with a selection of watering frequencies and four start times
    • Seven buttons with integrated high resolution screen
    • Easy-to-read LCD display with AM/PM clock and icon-based intuitive programming for easy navigation
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  • Blinking notification on days the controller is active
  • Programming time options in AM/PM or 24 hour
  • After programming, the controller display indicates if irrigation is set to water for the day and if any of the additional programming features are active
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity (excluding time)
  • Emergency backup program of 5 minutes every 24 hours if no program is selected after battery installation starting at 8:AM
  • Manual irrigation cycle can be performed via the controller’s manual program button or via the solenoid
  • One button for Program Off until reactivated or as an irrigation suspension override (rain mode)
  • After 15 minutes the controller screen is turned off automatically to conserve energy
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easily retrofits to most manufacturers’ valves with one of the three adapters included
  • Semi-automatic, automatic or manual operation
  • Retractable cord for easy removal of the controller
  • Efficient heavy-duty inline globe valve with high flow and low pressure loss
  • Rugged, reinforced self-cleaning diaphragm provides reliable operation even with contaminated water
  • Internal bleed via the solenoid for system checkup and testing
  • Available with NPT or BSP threads
  • Latching solenoid with encapsulated plunger and spring for reliable operation
  • Wire ready for a rain sensor
  • Completely waterproof (IP68) - can operate in harsh environments
  • Environmentally friendly - utilizes RoHS compliant components
  • Battery life up to three years
  • Three-year warranty

    DIG Part 400A-075

    Controller Specifications:

    • Type: DC
    • Body: IP68
    • Program mode: seven keypad buttons with integrated liquid crystal display
    • Temperature range: 38°F to +130°F (3°C to +54°C)
    • Power source: two AA alkaline batteries (not included)
    • Latching Solenoid: 7-12 VDC, two-way, normally closed
    • Completely waterproof (IP68 certified) - can operate in harsh environments
    • Solenoid control orifice: .065 (1.65 mm)
    • Encapsulated solenoid thread: 11/16"-12 UN male thread
    • Retractable solenoid wire: 8.1" (coiled length when extended, approximately 36"
    • Sensor connection: normally closed 6" (15 cm) yellow wire (16 AWG)
    • Valve type: globe valves 3/4" (NPT)
    • Materials:
      • Housing: high-impact plastic
      • Solenoid housing: glass reinforced nylon
      • Plunger & spacer: 430F stainless steel
      • Plunger rubber cap: EPDM
      • O-ring: Buna-N
      • RoHS compliant

    In-line Valve Specifications:

    • Valve type: inline globe
    • Valve sizes: 3/4” NPT
    • Valve inlet and outlet: female pipe thread
    • Operating pressure range: 10-150 PSI (.7-10.5 BAR)
    • Bonnet solenoid thread: 3/4”-20 UNEF female threaded
    • Bonnet/solenoid adapter: 11/16"-12 UN female thread x 3/4”-20 UNEF male threaded
    • Flow rates:
      • 3/4": .1 to 28 GPM (.23 to 6.4 m3/h)
    • Materials:
      • Valve housing and bonnet: reinforced nylon
      • Diaphragm: NBR (Buna-N)
      • Spring and plunger: stainless steel 430F
      • Bonnet bolts: stainless steel
      • Plunger rubber cap: EPDM
      • O-ring: Buna-N

    Programming options

    • Watering duration: 1 minute up to 5 hours and 59 minutes set in 1-minute increments
    • Watering frequency: weekly or cyclical schedule with odd days, even days, or intervals from one to thirty (1- 30) days utilizing 365 day yearly calendar with leap year.
    • Up to four start times per day in weekly or cyclical schedule provides added flexibility for any type of watering application including sandy or clay soil.
    • Rain Off/Delay option with automatic restart up to 99 days
    • Program Off option holds program until reactivated
    • Manual On/Off button with semi-automatic feature utilizing the program runtime and shows the time left to run with quick override


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