Goldenrod- Old Field (Solidago nemoralis) (Florida Native)

Goldenrod- Old Field (Solidago nemoralis) (Florida Native)

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Goldenrod- Old Field 

Solidago nemoralis

AKA- Gray Goldenrod, Prairie Goldenrod, Grayleaf Goldenrod, Gray-leaved Goldenrod, Dyersweed Goldenrod, Dwarf Goldenrod, Field Goldenrod 

is native to North America, east of the Rockies from Southern Canada down to Northern Florida. Very easy to grow. Likes disturbed areas with sandy, rocky, and clay dominated soils. It does not like soils heavy in organic matter that stay too wet. 

Growth habit is a slender-stemmed plant, 1 1/2 to 2 ft. tall, with thin, coarsly-toothed leaves. Flowers occur on the upper side of hairy stalks which arch out downward, creating a vase-shaped flower cluster. Clumps of slender, gray-downy stems produce terminal, one-sided, yellow plumes that gives it the vase-shaped appearance. A small goldenrod, this plant seldom reaches 2 ft. in height, much shorter and less aggressive than the more common tall goldenrod.

Native Americans used/use Goldenrod for everything from kidney, bladder, and gallbladder problems, and jaundice to skin problems like ulcers and burns. In addition, in the Americas, it has been/is used to treat toothaches, colic, asthma, measles, and headaches. A lotion made from the flowers was thought to reduce localized swelling and soothe bee stings. It was also believed that an unconscious person could be awakened from the smoke of burning Goldenrod.


Days to germination

 14-21 days

Days to maturity

2 years

Life cycle


Plant time

Fall, or cold stratify wet or dry for 8 weeks and plant in Spring


18- 24 inches in well drained soil


Full sun to partial shade

Soil temperature

at least 50 degrees 

Optimum soil P.H



1-2 feet


Summer and early fall

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